About Us

Anderson County is a breeding ground of South Carolina sports and a burgeoning area of economic strength. Anderson is the Electric City, but ElectricCitySports.com is dedicated to providing coverage of the entire county that fans can’t and won’t get anywhere else.

Within the boundaries of Anderson County lie eight public high schools – Belton-Honea Path, Crescent, T.L. Hanna, Palmetto, Pendleton, Powdersville, Westside and Wren – and Anderson University.

Stock car racing is conducted on the stern asphalt of Anderson Speedway. The county is home to nine golf courses. Recreational opportunities abound on the waterways that lap its shores.

Among the sports luminaries who honed their crafts and made their legends in the county and beyond are Jim Rice, Ben Taylor, Lou Brissie and Matthew Lecroy in major league baseball; Larry Nance in professional basketball; George Webster, Preston Jones and Shaun Ellis in pro football; and, of course, Hanna’s Coach Harold Jones and James “Radio” Kennedy.

Electric City Sports is dedicated to fulfilling and encouraging the athletes, coaches and enthusiasts of the county.