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This is a pivotal week on the high school scene. It’s about time for some of the county’s schools to form an identity.

Only T.L. Hanna and Powdersville seem rock-solid, and the Patriots are off this week.

The Yellow Jackets, reliable stingers to date, play at Westside, home of the county’s most erratic squad.

With region races beckoning, it’s time for most schools to learn how to win or learn how not to.

As more than one high school coach has said, “You never know what a young’un is gon’ do.”

It is my unfortunate duty to try.

Desperate, I had Chinese food for supper. The fortune cookie read, “You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands to.”

I’m counting fingers as parts of hands and figuring it’s time to play my guitar, but I also put my hands to the screen of this laptop, and here’s what the liquid crystals imparted.

T.L. Hanna (4-0) at Westside (1-3) --For what it’s worth, I still think the Rams are going to win Region 1-4A, but I’ve never thought they’d win this game. When Westside is good, it is very, very good, but when it is bad, it is horrid. Let the record note this is the 1st time I’ve ever paraphrased a nursery rhyme. Hanna, building power, is too strong.

Abbeville (4-0) at Belton-Honea Path (1-2) --The Bears are aptly named, but the Panthers, rulers of Class 2A for might-nigh a generation, knock off larger schools like bowling pins. It’s tempting to write that Abbeville will have to be at its best to upend BHP, but Abbeville seems at its best every week.

Hillcrest (2-2) at Wren (2-3) --The Hurricanes seem to have put the trauma of Dutch Fork behind them. The non-Anderson Rams are a formidable opponent. Ahem, remember the last time a 5A school visited Piedmont? Hillcrest is worthy, but Dutch Fork it ain’t. Call me a homer. I don’t care. Wren pulls it out.

Palmetto (0-4) at Pendleton (1-3) --Region 1 is better than Region 2 (which plays right into Powdersville’s hands). That’s one of several reasons why the Bulldogs are a little better than the Mustangs. Another is that Pendleton is home. Occasionally, that makes a difference. Pendleton by the modest margin of whatever having already won a game is worth.

Walhalla (0-1) at Crescent (2-1) --The Razorbacks have played exactly one game and are yet to score a point. Two games? A touchdown? I’d think about picking Class 4A Walhalla. In fact, it occurs to me that I’ve picked 2A teams from the same region to defeat a 3A and a 4A school.

Let it roll, Crescent.

Last week:6-1. Season to date:18-7

Note: I’m not any better than anyone else at picking the outcome of ballgames, races, meets, matches and elections. My modest skill is that of a history major: I know what already happened. Prophecy wasn’t offered as a major. My advice is to read the above for amusement purposes only. For God’s sake, don’t lay a bet on what I think.