With only a single Anderson County football game left, I am sitting at 79.7 percent in my amateur pigskin prognosticating. The 75th and final game is in Powdersville on Friday night.

Pick it right, and I finish my 1st -- and only -- season picking football games at a cool 80 percent. If I lose, it’s 78.7.

Big deal, right? Even if it’s not 80 percent, it’s still nifty, especially for a man who has predicted Blue Ridge to lose because it was wearing red.

Dadburn straight. It’s the Curse of the Mountains.

Oh, wait a minute. What if I pick Powdersville and Powdersville wins? Then I go another week, sitting at 80 percent, and if I pick that one wrong, I fall below 80 percent. If the Patriots go to the state championship game, and I pick that one right  …

As John Belushi didn’t say, “Over? It’s not over till Powdersville says it is!”

Hmm. Here’s an idea. Instead of thinking about my prediction percentage, why not pick the game based on what I actually think? That’s only what I’ve been doing all fall.

Chester (8-3) at Powdersville (12-0) -- The Patriots get to face Hurricanes and Cyclones in consecutive weeks? I think the difference is Atlantic or Pacific. The game is at neither Rio de Janeiro nor Acapulco, but, rather, Powdersville. Chester picked off big, bad Chapman, but I’m picking Home Sweet Powdersville.

Last week: 4-0. Season to date: 59-15 (.797).

Note: I’m not any better than anyone else at picking the outcome of ballgames, races, meets, matches and elections. My modest skill is that of a history major: I know what already happened. Prophecy wasn’t offered as a major. My advice is to read the above for amusement purposes only. For God’s sake, don’t lay a bet on what I think.